Real Time GPS Tracking System

The Real Time GPS Tracking System is a comprehensive solution utilizing an active GPS tracking device to provide the user with detailed vehicle data in real time.

This real time GPS tracking system utilizes web based software that allows the user to run detailed reports and maps, providing the user with valuable information for increasing route efficiency, tracking miles driven, or checking up on that “questionable” driver. The user can schedule these reports to be delivered via e-mail or text at regular intervals.

  •  Comprehensive Solution

  •  Data Available in Real Time

  • Extensive Reporting & Mapping: Including Stop, Speed, Idle and Mileage

  •  Dispatch & Vehicle Location Data

  • System tampering recognition

  • On-screen route playback

Activity Log


Stop Report


Speeding Log


Speeding Map

Slide thumbnail

Detailed Mapping

Technical Requirements

  • Dimensions: 1.8″ X 1.5″ X 1″
  • OBD or Hardwire Installation
  • Operating Temperature: -30° to 70°C

System Requirements

  • Compatible with IE 7/8, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Data Available in Real Time
  • Dispatch/Vehicle Location Data
  • Detailed Reports
    Stops, Idles, Speeding, Mileage, etc.
  • Customizable Reports
  • Detailed Mapping
  • Alerts/Notifications via Email/Text
  • Web Access


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Real-Time Active

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