When you own one of our Fleet Management Solutions, you receive a flexible solution with the important tools and data you need to streamline your business. As the industry leader, we continuously deliver best-in-class solutions designed for your entire fleet.



Improve Fleet Efficiency – Optimize Performance – Lower Costs

Live Alerts

Receive Email Alerts notifying you of vehicle behavior outside of pre-selected exceptions. Pro-actively manage your fleet and drivers.


Our dashboard tool allows for targeting the most valuable areas of your operations. Track performance, identify problem areas, and display a summary view of your entire fleet. Drill-down capabilities enable specific targeting of areas in need of performance and safety improvements.

Automated Reports

UTTI’s Fleet Management Solution collects a large amount of data; not just the live position of any vehicle but also speeds, engine idling and many more. You can access all of this data live in our easy-to-use reporting site or you can set up automated reports. Reports are emailed to you or other team members on a set schedule.  All reports are driven based on filter criteria in order to focus on the areas and activities most important to you and your fleet.

Detailed Route Playback

Display multiple units over any time span

Track State-to-State Miles, Stops, Activity, Over-speed, Driver Behavior, and Location

Interaction between the Report and Maps


The Dispatch tool not only locates vehicles in real-time, but also enables you to text your driver instructions regarding their activities.  Real-Time Mapping provides dispatchers with the ability to see the entire fleet in the field.  Make better decisions about assigning routes to drivers, making more stops in a day and get to customer sites faster.