BLOG 3Fleet Management and Big Brother.  Fleet managers are tasked with improving efficiency and monitoring their assets.  Introducing solutions like GPS fleet management solutions can be received by employees as Big Brother watching their every move.  However, fleet management provides valued insights and businesses understand the benefits of this technology.  Integrating the system into operations may require a sensitive introduction from management to eliminate employee push back.  (Big Brother)

The Big Brother label is one that employees use too often and is not an accurate description of fleet management solutions.  Every business does or should measure performance to ensure that goals are being met.  This is the information that allows managers to target deficient areas, including re-training opportunities.  This is no different than performance evaluation metrics other companies might use or a survey used to evaluate a business’s performance.  Fleet management metrics can be used to prove the company’s speed of delivery or safety of their drivers. Measuring performance also allows businesses to benchmark where they stand today; to target where their goals are for the future.   (Big Brother)

Employees will come to understand the benefits too.  No longer will they need to provide hand-written logs when reports can be created, and sent to manager’s email on a preset schedule (saving valuable time).  Fleet management data can prove the productivity of each driver and help managers objectively measure performance.  Fleet dispatchers can easily look on the reporting site to locate vehicles, text drivers their instructions and quickly reply to customer requests.  These are just a few of the applications of fleet management.   (Big Brother)

The truth, and this is proven time and time again, is that fleet management is embraced by business’s best drivers.  They appreciate a tool that displays their good driving behavior and work ethic.    (Big Brother)

Another method of improving adoption is to create incentives off of the collected fleet data.  Set a standard regarding driver safety, idling, speeding and offer a free lunch, leave early on Friday or a financial incentive to drivers.  This is using the data for a positive reinforcement, not for punishment; which is what some employees assume the system will be used for.   (Big Brother)

Fleet management is a great way to improve driver behavior, safeguard assets, save time and money and improve customer service.  It is not about being Big Brother at all!  (Big Brother)

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